Winter Dew Tour - March 8th to 10th

Winter Dew Tour - March 8th to 10th

  • Isabel Rawson
  • 03/4/24
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Winter Dew Tour - March 8th to 10th
Winter Dew Tour is a free event and open to the public. Spectators will have a front-row seat to the action out of Copper’s Center Village where the event will take place. The Dew Tour festival experience, located at the base of Center Village, will include as a sponsor village, food and beverage, pro athlete photo-ops, poster signings, and the Streetstyle course. Superpipe events will conveniently sit just above the base of Center Village.
March Events
Rocky Mountain Country Fest
March 16th
Dust off your cowboy boots and embrace the two-step dancing fun that awaits. Whether a seasoned dancer or a beginner, the Summit County Dance Chicks will be on hand to provide dance lessons, ensuring everyone feels the rhythmic pulse of Country music
Easter Egg Hunt
March 31st
The Easter Bunny will return to Frisco Main Street on Easter Sunday to hide 5,000 Easter eggs for Frisco’s 20th Annual Easter Egg Hunt. Children 8 years old and younger are invited to search for candy stuffed eggs throughout the Frisco Historic Park and the Frisco Town Hall areas.
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Conversations with Downhill Dog
Imagine a place where the crisp mountain air mingles with the scent of fresh dog biscuits, where your loyal companion is celebrated and indulged. That’s The Downhill Dog. Accessories. Toys. Treats.
A Conversation with Alec Mastovich, VP of Downhill Dog
Q: Tell us about your history and inspiration.
A: Emily and I founded The Downhill Dog out of our love for dogs and the outdoors. After visiting Breckenridge for nearly a decade, we were inspired to create a space where fellow dog enthusiasts could find high-quality gear, toys and treats to enhance their outdoor experiences with their furry companions.
Q: What were you doing before you opened Downhill Dog?
A: Before em-barking on this entrepreneurial journey, Emily and I both worked in marketing and management positions for years, gaining valuable insights into customer preferences and the importance of product quality. We both always wanted to run our own business, so it was a dream come true to combine our love of entrepreneurship with our love of dogs.
Q: As real estate agents, we know location is everything! How did you choose your location?
A: Choosing the perfect location for The Downhill Dog was crucial. Emily and I wanted a spot that not only captured the essence of Summit County's outdoor spirit but also offered convenience and accessibility to local residents and visitors alike. Judging by the response so far, we think the location is a big plus.
Q: What are your top 3 Dog Brands?
A: In Summit County, the options are endless, but our favorite activity is hitting the trails for a scenic hike with Penny, our dog and our employee of the month every month. She’s never shy to make a snow angel in the powder, or take a quick swim, and encourages us to find a stick to fetch. There's nothing quite like exploring the mountains together, taking in the fresh air, and experiencing the beauty of nature alongside Penny.
Q: What is your inspiration behind the shop?
A: The inspiration for The Downhill Dog is Penny! She’s always by our side with unwavering loyalty and boundless enthusiasm. Her spirit and love for the outdoors fuel our passion for The Downhill Dog every day.
Q: Do you have any tips for new dog owners?
A: For new dog owners, our biggest tip is to prioritize quality and suitability when choosing pet products. Invest in durable gear that fits your dog's size and activity level, and always opt for reputable brands known for their safety and reliability. Don’t hesitate to seek guidance from knowledgeable professionals, whether it's your local vet or experienced hometown pet store staff.
Q: What do you find most enjoyable about running Downhill Dog?
A: What Emily and I enjoy most about running a shop in Summit County is the sense of community and camaraderie among fellow dog lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. It's incredibly rewarding to connect with like-minded individuals, share stories and tips, and offer a welcoming environment where dogs and their owners feel right at home.
Hours: Open Daily, 11-7 and Closed Tuesday
Address: 505 S. Main Street | Unit B-4A | Breckenridge, CO 80424
Located in Main Street Station in-between Lolo Juice and Teton Gravity Research
Holistic Living: 5 Top Wellness Trends in Today’s Luxury Homes
Thus, this edition of Luxury Defined examines 2024’s newest trends for well-being and self-care in the luxury home. We include technologies old and new, from cold plunge baths, heated lap pools and hammams all the way to saunas (infrared for 2024!) and the high-altitude simulation of a Himalayan salt wall!
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